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Halloumi and Date Strips

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When you think about party hors d’oeuvres, maybe you wonder what’s the easiest way for people to serve themselves? Fun bits to nibble on are the type that come with edible utensils. Take bacon for instance. It’s pliable and easy to shape as needed. Oh, and it tastes good. It makes a perfect bacon spoon (a bacoon?) to carry food from the plate to your mouth. It is one of the star ingredients in this simple appetizer that combines two things that we both love–bacon and cheese.

No doubt, this quick eat was one that seemed questionable at first. After a quick tweet, several people responded that yes indeed, dates, halloumi and bacon would be a match. From there, it was just a matter of assembling it. This is a simple appetizer that truly takes minutes to prepare and seconds to put together. There are levels of flavor that mesh well, such as the sweet, earthiness of the dates, the salty bacon and the brine of the halloumi. In terms of texture, the bacon provides crunch, the cheese soft and a tad squeaky, and the dates are chewy. Of course we cannot forget the leafy anise note provided by tarragon that rounds out each bite.

Halloumi and Date Strips – Serves 8
8 slices bacon, halved
8 ounces halloumi, cut into 16 pieces
16 dates, pitted
Fresh tarragon leaves

1. Cook the bacon according to the package directions. Set aside to cool, and pour out the excess oil, but keep the pan.

2. Fry the halloumi and dates in the same pan as the bacon, flipping to brown all sides. (This is purely to slightly warm the dates.)

3.  Top the cooled bacon with a piece of halloumi, a few tarragon leaves and a date.

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  1. Bacoon? I love it!

    You’ve got some fantastically contrasting textures and flavours going on there – looks like I need to get me some dates and halloumi…


  2. I’ve actually never heard of halloumi before! Love this site – I swear I learn something new from you guys every time I read your posts!


  3. I’ve had halloumi once. Sooo good. This is definitely an appetizer worth making anytime. Yum yum!!!!


  4. I’m still waiting for an invite to one of your parties. I’m obsessed with halloumi. I went through a point in life when I was buying it every week.


  5. I love the simplicity of this and the idea of suggesting that bacon can both add flavor AND be a utensil.


  6. Never had halloumi…but love the combination of bacon and date…yummie!


  7. I think that bite-sized appetizers like this are just ideal, both for dinner parties and for when you just want to have a taste of something in your mouth! What a delicious combination.


  8. little portable bites are the bomb!


  9. Oooh.. I love bacon anything, these must be a hit!


  10. I thought you were cooking with prunes! I was close. But I’m too scared to try a date…or should I?


  11. What a fantastic finger food! It looks gourmet and delicious.


  12. Ooh you guys are so clever! I love the sweet and salty combo in this! 😀


  13. i loooove me some tarragon! how smart, only you know i do not do the swine so I’ll let you bite on while i look for a turkey option….


  14. I love dates and bacon together!


  15. MMMMM dates and bacon YUM — I always make bacon wrapped dates during the holidays with a little sliver of jalapeno — I have never tried it with halloumi but that sounds delicious!! I shall switch it up during the holidays this year 🙂


  16. Bacon and halloumi? Won’t it be too salty? But I love the dates here!


  17. Now this is just the sort of thing that gets me into serious trouble. Oh so good!


  18. Swoon! I love every single ingredient. What a beautiful and unique appetizer, Duo. I’m ready to down 2 or 3! 😉


  19. seriously? hot damn, must try those little gems


  20. Oh yum! I love halloumi and dates and never thought to combine them. I have stuffed dates with feta and an almond and sometimes wrap a piece of bacon on it and broil.


  21. Yummy little bites!


  22. Hmm bacon on anything sounds good to me. Bring it on I say!


  23. Ohhh salty and sweet and perfect! GREG


  24. Dates and bacon are a true classic-the cheese is a really interesting way to tweak it.


  25. beautiful hors d’oeuvres combincation! love all the ingredients!


  26. Waw!! What georgous & appetizing appetizers!!

    Very apart too! Yummmm,…


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