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Honey Mustard Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

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Honey Mustard Bacon - The Duo Dishes

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Bacon, like kale, isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The cured, smoked pork strips make people’s eyes light up, whether they’re served on their on or paired with other meats and vegetables. In my opinion, bacon’s at its best when matched with a complementary ingredient. Tender, sweet shrimp are always welcome to the bacon party. These little bacon-wrapped shrimp are great appetizers for your next party. Or, you can just make them for your next Netflix & chill night. They’re definitely the finger food you’d want to keep to yourself.

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Mini Spinach and Cheese Quiche

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Mini Spinach Cheese Quiche 1- The Duo Dishes

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When you see the word quiche, do you immediately think about a flakey, buttery crust cradling a creamy, cheesey filling? I am a fan of a flakey, buttery crust, but I don’t mind letting that go if said quiche will still be moist, cheesey and, in this case, mini. Mini food. Always very cute. And easy to prepare when you have to make 150 pieces. Last night was the 10th Anniversary Drama Kings and Queens performance by students in the L.A. Speech and Language Therapy Center‘s summer program. Prior to the show, 100 VIP ticket holders noshed on a few appetizers I made for the occasion. That’s where these quiche come in.

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Shiny and Chic with Bacardi Cocktails

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Shiny and Chic with Bacardi Cocktails

Chrystal and I were recently sent a party pack in the mail along with some samples of Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light. Our task was to highlight the batch of Bacardi cocktails by throwing a “Shiny Chic” themed party that featured some of own recipe creations. Well, everyone knows you have to seize any opportunity to throw a food gathering when a variety of booze is provided. And that’s exactly what we did! We sent out an invite to a dozen friends, began brainstorming dishes to whip up, and in no time, we were off and running.

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