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An Old New Trick

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Cheddar Mashed Cauliflower

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An Old New Trick

Call it a trompe l’oeil if you like.  You know, that French phrase that means ‘trick the eye’.  There are some fun food tricks out there that really blow us away.  We went to a birthday party earlier in the summer, and as we walked up to the celebrating group, we saw three small tables full of sliders.  Full mini burgers with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and sesame seed buns.  Score!  As we got closer, we were told they were not sliders, but in fact cupcakes.  What!  The man of the evening’s fabulous and super artistic girlfriend had spent the entire day doing something unprecedented for her–using her super artistic skills to make treats like this.  A true trompe l’oeil.  What you see above is nowhere near as elaborate or creative as what we’ve detailed, but it’s one of the circulating tricks that have been going around for a while.  It wasn’t until now that we’d given it a try.

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