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Summer Eats For Fall’s Heat

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Tomato and Tomatillo Gazpacho

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Tomatillo and Tomato Gazpacho 2 - The Duo Dishes

We told you that summer’s prime ingredients were key players in a few of the dishes we made in the last couple of months. It has been hot enough in L.A. to confuse one into thinking it is July and not October. When the mercury hits 100 degrees on the thermometer, can you blame us for wanting to eat cooling dishes that require no prep over the stove or oven? That’s why there are tomatoes here. Tomatoes and tomatillos. Together, the two were the base for a super easy gazpacho that you will love to make. Next summer, that is.

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You Want a Reason Why?

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Catfish Tacos with Pimento Cheese Crema, Watermelon Salsa

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Catfish Tacos and Watermelon Salsa

It was time to cook, and we needed a new, fresh idea.  The exchange normally starts over email, with ideas fluttering through the virtual airwaves during the days leading up to the planned bonanza. Its starts as a number of rambling replies until we’ve narrowed it down to something that actually would make sense to another person. This is how we work. It’s what we do! It has proven successful over the near two years we have worked on this website, so why fix something that ain’t broke?

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