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Lillani’s Guest Test Kitchen

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Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

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Lillani's Guest Test Kitchen

It’s time to share our first Guest Test Kitchen of the year. This one comes from our friend, Lillani, and an old co-worker of Amir’s. Lani has always been a conscious eater. From her very first introduction, she’s maintained a “vegetarian-ish” diet by avoiding most, but not all, meat products. Now it seems, though, that she’s fully crossed over and sticks to a more strict vegetarian diet. She shares with us an easy veggie burger recipe that’s sure to win over even the most avid meat eater. Enjoy!

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Jade’s Test Kitchen

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Not Your Mama’s Gin and Tonic

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Jade's Test Kitchen

This month’s guest blogger is our friend Jade. In addition to being an advent food and drink enthusiast, she’s also a writer. You can read more of her life happenings and short stories at her own blog. In the meantime, check out a hilarious account of how this cocktail became her fav. Here’s Jade…

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Daphne’s Test Kitchen

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Buckwheat Raisin Muffins

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Daphne's Test Kitchen

Here’s a little something new that the Duo brings to you today–a guest cook in our kitchen.  Actually today’s visitor whipped up these healthy muffins in her own kitchen in New York City, so this is really a virtual cross country adventure.  It’s a vegan muffin adventure brought to you by a good friend from college, Daphne with Demockracy.  She’s a native South Carolinian who is neither a vegan nor one to shun sugar from her diet, so when she said these quickbreads were worth baking, we believed it.  A big thanks to her for kicking off our monthly Guest Test Kitchen where we’ll be showcasing recipes straight from our friends and family, in their own words!

On a side note, Google’s Feedburner has been playing games with our subscription!  We had to revise the feed, so please click here to re-subscribe or join us for the first time.  Now back to Daphne and those muffins.

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