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Finding More Cheap Eats

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Potato and Green Bean Salad

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Finding More Cheap Eats

Who would’ve thought that the new foodie fad of 2009 would’ve been cheap eats? Sustainable, green, eco-friendly, yes. Finding a way to eat fabulously for less than a three course meal from McDonald’s dollar menu, maybe not. But that’s where some of us find ourselves treading the waters of gourmet on a budget. Let gourmet mean whatever it means to you. To us, it’s not so much fancy; just fresh, varied, not quite ordinary, invigorating to the taste buds. And now that we’re in this current recession/depression/money flow cessation, gourmet’s going to also be wallet friendly. Because when the government sends you an I-O-U instead of your tax refund, you’re going to wish you’d been frugal rather than frivolous. Let the coin counting commence!

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