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Blame It on Global Warming

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Papaya and Black Bean Salsa

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Blame It on Global Warming

It’s still January, but a couple of weeks in Los Angeles have seen the mercury gauge of thermometers in the 70s, 80s and 90s. It may have even been just under 100 degrees at its hottest in the Valley. Crazy! At the same time, we watched folks in the Midwest and on the East Coast bundled up and trudging through snowstorms.  When news hit that  there was seven inches of snow in our alma mater state of North Carolina, we knew something was going on.  (We do not envy them one bit.)  We’re strong believers in eating seasonally–noshing on dishes that are true comfort foods based on the weather. Well it’s been a summery winter where we are, so we want a fun hot weather snack: salsa!

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