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Declaring Our Love

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Sweet Potato Squares

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Declaring Our Love

Maybe you’ve noticed we love sweet potatoes.  Either you’ve noticed it, or you’ve just read the words ‘We love sweet potatoes.’ too many times on this site.  We’ll say it loud and proud, ‘We love sweet potatoes!’  A while ago, we were surfing through the site of the oh so Noble Pig, and there was a recipe for Banana-Oatmeal Bake.  The short ingredient list resulted in this tray of what appeared to be utter deliciousness.  We knew we had to make it.  Only one of us is a big banana fan (that’d be Amir), so of course, the original recipe would’ve been enjoyed, but we made a couple of changes that seemed as though they fit everyone’s tastes.  That of course included the incorporation of our favorite vegetable–the sweet potato.

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