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Mary Ellen’s Test Kitchen

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Pan-seared Scallops with Fennel Two Ways

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Mary Ellen's Test Kitchen

We bring you July’s Guest Test Kitchen!  Meet Mary Ellen Giess.  Not only is Mary Ellen a fellow Tar Heel, she’s also a close friend and fervent fan of the site (lucky for us).  Mary Ellen now resides in Chicago, IL and, like us, loves everything food and cooking.  We are constantly sharing recipes, great food sites, and tips in the kitchen.  So much so, we thought we’d introduce Ms. Giess with the rest of our audience.  We hope you enjoy this month’s installment.  This dish looks so scrumptious and delicious, we were sad it was made in her kitchen in the Midwest and far away from our California forks and mouths.  She said it was, and we quote, “off the chain!”  Mary Ellen, preach!

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