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Making Macarons With A Pro

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Assorted Napoleon's Macarons - The Duo Dishes

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Chef Razmig Tchoboian creates some of the best, traditional macarons in the city, sold at his shops, Napoléon’s Macarons. Of course, he’s just the person you want to lead you along the way during your first attempt at making macarons. That’s why he’s hosting a French Macarons Baking Class at the Chef’s Center in Pasadena on November 9th. I attended a media preview of the class, along with several other bloggers and writers. I wouldn’t say we’re aficionados at this point, but we’re much better equipped to make macarons during the holiday season. Keep reading for a look at what students can expect at the upcoming class.

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Maren’s Test Kitchen

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Chocolate Filled Spritz Cookies

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Spritz Cookie Mold & Dough Collage - The Duo Dishes

One of the sweetest people that I know is Maren. And it’s not because she has a knack with desserts. I first met Maren at a local cooking school, and we continued to cross paths many times at the same place and, eventually, through small food-centric gatherings and dinner parties over the last few years. Each time I talk to her, or see one of her Facebook updates, it seems as though she is announcing a new trip, talent or treasure in her life. It’s always interesting to see what she is up to in this world, and that includes her passion for sharing different dishes with her friends and family. One day, I hope Amir can pop into another one of our dinner parties to chat food with Maren. Something tells me we’d both love her holiday cookie recipe!

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Our Gift to You

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Cappuccino Shortbread

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Our Gift to You

Sometimes you just need a cookie to make things better. Several cookies in fact. Sometimes several cookies arrive at your doorstep, and all is right in the world. When the folks at Tate’s Bake Shop asked if we’d like to review a copy of their new cookbook and sample cookies, the answer was yes. The South Hamptons bakyer is located on the East coast, so we were unfamiliar with it, but it appears the New York Times, Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine and even the woman we want to adopt us–Ina Garten– have applauded their sweets. These all seemed like promising sources of recommendation. Plus, it’s the time of year when baking runs rampant, so why not add another book to the collection and hopefully a great cookie to the pile. We are often offered the opportunity to review products, but we try to stay in line with things that we would actually enjoy. Now, the Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook is on that list. It’s the season for giving, and we’d love to send a little something your way as part of the celebration.

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