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The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Persian

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Ranginak (Persian Date Cake)

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The Duo's Ethnic Exploration: Persian

A couple of months ago, we took a journey to one of our community markets to see what we could find in terms of Middle Eastern food.  It was time to do another Ethnic Exploration post, and we knew exactly what we wanted–Persian.  The timing was perfect.  It was the Spring Equinox, which just so happened to coincide with the Persian New Year, Nowruz.  There are a number of Persian dishes that strike the fancy such as fesenjaan, shirin polow, kebabs, halva, etc.  We decided to go with one that we’d never had before, but seemed to be a popular one all over the Internet.  Some call it Persian fudge, although that term does not seem quite appropriate.  It’s a very sweet treat that combines dates, walnuts and spices in one little bite.

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