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Coupled Up Cooking

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Coupled Up Cooking Collage - The Duo Dishes

Check out Coupled Up Cooking

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How ironic. The perpetual single girl is writing a blog post about great meals to cook as a couple. I really am laughing about it as I type. Although I do not spend my weeknights and weekends cooking with a significant other, I know that it is more fun to cook with someone. And to share a meal with someone! So here are a few recipes that are not only great to make with someone, but also for someone, and of course, to share with that special person.

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Bread and Muffin Recipes for Carb Lovers

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Bread Muffin Recipes Carb Lovers Collage - The Duo Dishes

Check out Bread and Muffin Recipes for Carb Lovers

by The Duo Dishes at

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We all have weaknesses, and one of mine is bread. I am not the only one who eagerly eyes full restaurant baskets kept warm under soft linens. And the smell of risen yeast in a bakery, whether it be salty or sweet, is enough to cause my heart to beat quickly with anticipation. There’s something about the heartiness of bread–its filling and comforting nature–that also makes it enticing. Bread is more than just the outer layers of a sandwich or the foundation of a crostini. It is an accompaniment that pairs well with salads, soups, stews, and more. Slices or chunks of a loaf can transform into toasted crumbs sprinkled over eggs, French toast with bacon or bread pudding and whipped cream. Versatility is a key feature of an amazing ingredient. Here are a few sweet and savory bread recipes, as well as a few muffins throw in for fun.

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Sharing A Pie-Palooza Collection

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Sharing A Pie-Palooza Collection

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The Duo Dishes Pie Collage - The Duo Dishes

In light of the ridiculous downpour soaking California, and the next pounding of snow on deck for the East coast, it feels like a great time to hunker down and crank up the oven. What else is there to do? If you are looking for a great way to spend your time stuck in the house, make a few pies! Custard, cream, fruit, savory meat, grilled, mini…we have them all. Some of these have been shared with friends, others have been entered into contests, one or two may be published elsewhere. All of them have been delicious.

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Adding A Green Giant Balance To Dinner

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Spiced Maple Mustard Sauce

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Green Giant Logo - The Duo Dishes

In our own separate ways, Amir and I try to balance our ridiculous love affair for decadent foods with healthier choices and physical activity in order to minimize the damage. I always joke with my physical trainer friends that the best group to target as clientele is comprised of chefs, food writers and food bloggers. We spend our days in the kitchen, pouring through cookbooks, plopping butter pans, spooning batter in prepared muffin tins, slipping spoons into heavy dips, sampling cocktails for parties and beating whipped cream for desserts. This is all before sitting down at the table to enjoy one of the day’s meals. Some of us realize how rough it can be to manage your love for food and make sure your new pants still fit next summer. Once again, you have to go back to basics and create meals that satisfy both sides of the line.

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Introducing the 2012 Foodie E-Cookbook

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Introducing the 2012 Foodie E-Cookbook

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Peach & Nectarine Hand Pies 2 - The Duo Dishes

Happy weekend friends! It’s back-to-school season for many of you parents out there, and we know that can be a wacky transitional period for any family. Even for us child-free folks, we feel the pull of fall. For some reason, even though school days are far behind us, the sense of summer’s carefree fun seems to fade away as soon as September hits. It’s time to get to business and focus on the year that is just a few months from its end. That time can be so busy that you don’t even notice which day is the present, and before you know it, it’s December. How frightening. One way to stay on top of a hectic schedule is to make sure meals remain a sacred place, if you will. Choose belly-warming recipes that make you, your family and your friends feel like the days have a rewarding end once dinnertime hits. That’s where the 2012 Foodie e-cookbook, Family Flavors, comes into play.

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