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Happy Halloween

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Dinner in a Pumpkin

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Happy Halloween

Happy All Hallows’ Eve! Chrystal and I love a good party, so you’d think we’d be wild Halloween fanatics every year. But, for some unknown reason, its appeal dwindles more and more for us as we get further into adulthood. It’s been ages since either of us have put on what one would consider a “real” costume, and you won’t find us out and about on Halloween night among all the festivities. We can show our spirit in other ways, though. For one, Halloween just isn’t complete without pumpkins. Instead of carving one into a Jack-o-lantern, though, take your pumpkin to new heights by using it as a serving dish.

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There’s a Plan for This

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Cinnamon Cranberry Wheat Bread

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There's a Plan for This

This bread actually came about because there were a couple of other recipes for which we had a hankering.  We thought to ourselves, “Selves, a sweet breakfast and a hearty sandwich would be perfect if we had a good X.”  So we had to deal with X, which was a soft loaf of wheat bread.  We’d only tackled one yeast-risen bread loaf so far to date, so it was surely time to give it another try.  After doing more research on bread baking techniques and tricks, we drafted a recipe that seemed like a good one.  We had everything on hand to make this, so writing the initial recipe came easily.  Unlike the first loaves of bread we made, this one involved tricep-trimming kneading action that we had previously been lucky enough to avoid.  After two rounds of rising, into the oven it went!   But what came out was not quite what we expected.

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