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Revisiting an Old Friend

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Baked Black Beans and Cotija Cheese Dip

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Revisiting an Old Friend

The first cotija culinary adventure proved to be so interesting that we went back at it again. This time, we were going for quick, easy and hearty. One of our favorite friends possessing all three traits is the black bean! It’s really versatile–from soups to brownies. Yes, brownies. Just Google it. So after a successful foray with cotija, we figured it’d be a perfect match with black beans. Black beans in a dip formation. There are a lot of black bean dips in the world, but most of them tend to be blended or partially mashed, which was exactly what we didn’t want. It’s more fun to actually see what you’re eating. And so we went with the tried and true layer action. Perfect for chip dipping!

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