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Happy Halloween

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Dinner in a Pumpkin

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Happy Halloween

Happy All Hallows’ Eve! Chrystal and I love a good party, so you’d think we’d be wild Halloween fanatics every year. But, for some unknown reason, its appeal dwindles more and more for us as we get further into adulthood. It’s been ages since either of us have put on what one would consider a “real” costume, and you won’t find us out and about on Halloween night among all the festivities. We can show our spirit in other ways, though. For one, Halloween just isn’t complete without pumpkins. Instead of carving one into a Jack-o-lantern, though, take your pumpkin to new heights by using it as a serving dish.

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A Comforting Medley

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Beef and Vegetable Penne

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A Comforting Medley

We are not the first ones to rediscover the comforting qualities of a good casserole.  Maybe you remember the one your grandmother or mom used to make when you were younger.  Perhaps it was the first dish you learned how to create yourself during the inception of your cooking trials.  It could be that you just love anything that calls for tossing a bunch of food in a dish and baking it.  Relatively utter simplicity.  No matter, the casserole seems to stand for all things warm, homey, reassuring and soothing.  It’s full of flavor, love and hopefully lots of cheese.  This casserole is all of those things, including the cheese.  It’s full of veggies, pasta and meat too.  Each bite harks back to a mouthful of contented solace.  Would you like a piece?

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