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Playing with Fire

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Lavender Non-Dairy Crème Brûlée

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Playing with Fire

Chrystal and I began another “vegan” challenge at the beginning of 2013 with a few of our friends. I like to think of it as an exercise in disciplined and thoughtful eating. Each one of us, however, built in a few of our own separate dietary modifications this time around–which is why “vegan” rightfully is in quotations. For me, I’m giving myself the okay to consume honey, as one example. But all in all, we’re committed to 90 days of meatless, non-dairy eating.

This Christmas I was gifted a culinary blow torch. I was itching to fire up my new kitchen toy the moment I opened the box. Of course, the first dish that comes to mind that utilizes a torch is the popular dessert crème brûlée, or “burned cream.” It’s made up of very few ingredients, but the main players of the dish are always eggs and cream. No bueno! That doesn’t work with our new break on dairy. Nevertheless, I was determined to have my crème brûlée and eat it too!

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Got Milk? A Day of Cold Summer Treats

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Got Milk? A Day of Cold Summer Treats

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Chrystal Gelatin Flower - The Duo Dishes

Last week, I attended an event hosted and sponsored by the folks behind the Got Milk? campaign. A morning cooking class with a bunch of bloggers and baking enthusiasts would be led by the pastry chef behind Bittersweet Treats, Danielle Keene, and Blooming Gelatin Arts owner, Michelle Quilas. With summer literally knocking at our doors, this class would present a few of the most perfect milk-based desserts for your family, friends or large parties. It would be a girls only kind of day, plus Amir was occupied with a long work day, so I traveled over the hill to the Eatz cooking school for a few hours of instruction.

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