The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Zimbabwe

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Sadza ne Nyama ye Huku (Zimbabwean Porridge with Chicken Stew)

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Sadza ne Nyama ye Huku - The Duo Dishes

Last month, we explored two traditional Guatemalan dishes that opened our eyes to the flavors of a country we have never been to, but feel slightly more connected to now that we’ve eaten something so simply delicious. Every month, our challenge is to find yet another cuisine that confounds us and make it less intimidating–not only for ourselves, but for others. We’ve bounced around to different continents, and this time we’re returning to a place we’ve been. Unlike the first time, we’re exploring the southern portion as opposed to the western coast. Back in March, we slurped down a Ghanian stew with fufu and snacked on sweet  pan-fried plantains. This time, we took a culinary food trip to Zimbabwe, which of course has its own signature dishes, ingredients and preparations. As many of us know, one of the best ways to begin to get to know any new culture is through its food. That’s exactly where we’ll start. This time, we’re sharing the adventure with loyal readers and a few new friends. Venture over to the Hills of Africa’s travel blog, Live the Magic of Africa, to read the rest of this post.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you have brought tears to my eyes. I’m making this for dinner tonight, yippeee, will bring back very happy memories of my life in Zimbabwe. Thank you for sharing. Sandy


  2. Colorful, flavorful, and out of the ordinary – great! Loved the rest of the post as well on the other site.


  3. I’ve never cooked anything from Zimbabwe, but I’m sure I’d love to eat this dish! Africa is such a vast, rich and interestingn continent.




  4. the smells alone while its cooking away….MmmHmmm.


  5. I have never cooked or eaten the Zimbabwe cuisine. Looks like it taste and smell good.


  6. Very fun. I’ll head on over and read the rest of the post. I always love seeing where you take us.


  7. I really need to explore African food! Great job!


  8. I never seen a Zimbabwe dish, let alone try it…but it sure looks very tempting.
    Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend :-)


  9. I am obviously all for ethnic food explorations. Heading over there right now.


  10. I love your ethnic exploration post! I obviously love food and like to think that I’e tried many different types of food, but your post just reminds me that there is so much more out there. I’ve never had food from Zimbabwe. Looks amazing – a comforting, spicy stew perfect for fall!


  11. This looks de-lish! And I know it is because I’ve visited Zimbabwe and lived and eaten with the people (as well as nearby countries of Malawi and Zambia). I think it is ULTRA-cool that you are featuring this here. The ladies from the village in Zimbabwe gave me the swizzel stick (what we call it in Trinidad) and the mixing stick. I made it when I returned to the US. Only thing is…I added butter and Lawry’s seasoning salt on top the sadza! LOL! When I was returning from Zimbabwe I asked my family to make coocoo (the Trini version of sadza). Have you ever tried that?


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