Beef & Lamb

  1. Christina Arokiasamy Malaysia dinner - The Duo Dishes

  1. Foodie Sunday Dinner Collection Collage - The Duo Dishes

    Sharing Sunday Dinner Ideas

  1. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza on Grill - The Duo Dishes

    Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

  1. Pat's Basic Bread Pudding 2 - The Duo Dishes

    Spinach and Citrus Salad, Pat's Best Marinara Ever, Roast Rack of Lamb, Pat's Bread Pudding

  1. Happy Halloween

    Dinner in a Pumpkin

  1. Loco Moco Hawaiian - The Duo Dishes

    Loco Moco

  1. Hebrew National Hot Dog Fiesta

    Mexican Chorizo Chili, Indian Red Pepper Chutney, Moroccan Makfoul, Bacon Jam,

  1. Carne Asada Arepas & Lentejas - The Duo Dishes

    Carne Asada Sobre Arepas de Queso, Spicy Pimento Chimichurri, Lentejas de Elvira

  1. Bolognese Sauce - The Duo Dishes

    Roasted Spaghetti Squash, Bolognese Meat Sauce, Basic Tomato Sauce

  1. The Duo's Ethnic Exploration: Afghan

    Osh Pyozee (Stuffed Onions), Bonjan Salat (Spicy Eggplant Salad), Chatni Gashneez (Coriander Chutney)

  1. Oh What Booze Can Do

    Red Stag Beef Short Ribs

  1. Lamb Tagine 1 - The Duo Dishes

    Lamb Tagine with Makfoul

  1. Olive Marketplace-The Duo Dishes

    Armenian Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves, Cilantro and Onion Lavash Crackers

  1. Jordan Market

    Karniyarik (Turkish Stuffed Eggplant), Cacik

  1. Never Too Stuffed

    Beef and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

  1. Just In Time For St. Paddy's

    Corned Bison

  1. Everyone Has His Own

    Sweet Sloppy Joes

  1. This One’s For You

    Mint and Parsley Meatballs

  1. Reunited and It Feels So Good

    Beef in Plum Sauce

  1. Meg's Test Kitchen

    Baked Pasta and Meatballs

  1. It All Begins Here

    Sun dried Tomato and Basil Veal Burgers on Rosemary Onion Rolls

  1. Gotta Give Them What They Want

    Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Horseradish Yogurt Sauce and Sweet Potato & Corn Salad

  1. An Oddly Brilliant Inspiration

    Lamb and Sweet Potato Pot Pie

  1. It's Like a Game of Mix and Match

    Beef and Polenta Pie

  1. Oh We So Hungry

    Honey Miso Steak and Spinach Salad

  1. Better Late Than Never

    Beef Sliders, Spicy Grilled Sweet Potatoes, Coconut Couscous Fruit Salad, Key Lime Pie, Orange Slice Jello Shots

  1. Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Creativitea on the Grill

    Spiced Beef Ribs with Ginger Plum Sauce, Sweet Tea Grilled Chicken, Black Tea and Bacon Baked Beans, Grilled Corn with Chile Lime Sauce, Min-tea Watermelon Cantaloupe Salad, Mango Salsa, Ginger Glazed Peaches, Vanilla Cupcakes with Almond Buttercream Frosting, Chai Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Minty Arnie P.'s

  1. A Comforting Medley

    Beef and Vegetable Penne

  1. Orange You Glad

    Orange Beef with Peppers

  1. Old Friends, New Recipes

    Deck as Ef Tequila Cocktail, Mixed Veggies and Pita Chips with Dill Dip, Honey Ginger Marinated Fruit with Lemon Yogurt Dip, Caribbean Chicken Wings, Sweet & Spicy Meatballs, Sugar Cookie Buttons Three Ways, Toasted Pecan Buttons, Lemon Coconut Buttons

  1. Gimme More Meat

    Roasted Tomatoes and Italian Sausage

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