Poultry & Pork

  1. Fregola Chicken Kale Salad 1 - The Duo Dishes

    Fregola, Chicken and Kale Salad

  1. Seasoned Raw Pork Belly - The Duo Dishes

    Orange Marmalade Pork Belly

  1. Braised Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

    Braised Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

  1. Cafe Pinot Charcuterie Class Collage - The Duo Dishes

    Boudin Blanc with Polenta, Greens and Tomatoes

  1. Savory Squash, Porcini & Bacon Crumble 1 - The Duo Dishes

    Savory Squash, Porcini & Bacon Crumble

  1. Acorn Squash, Apple, Bacon & Spinach Salad 2 - The Duo Dishes

    Roasted Squash, Apple, Bacon & Spinach Salad

  1. Saffron Split Pea, Potato and Bacon Soup

    Saffron Split Pea, Potato and Bacon Soup

  1. Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Final - The Duo Dishes

    Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

  1. Bacon Mushroom Fried Rice Final 2 - The Duo Dishes

    Bacon Mushroom Fried Rice`

  1. Welcoming Spring and a New Day

    Shirin Polo (Persian Sweet Saffron Rice)`

  1. Onion and Kappia Peppers - The Duo Dishes

    Chicken and Olive Empanadas`

  1. Jarlsberg & Avocado (FINAL)

    Cheese Grits with Chorizo and Roasted Tomatillo, Poblano Pepper and Avocado Guacamole`

  1. The Corner of Sweet and Savory

    Fried Chicken and "Waffles" Crostinis`

  1. Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Rolls - The Duo Dishes

    Italian Sausage and Spinach Bread Pudding`

  1. Alexia Foods Julienne House Cut Fries - The Duo Dishes

    Pork, Fennel and Onion Poutine`

  1. Kale & Sausage Soup - The Duo Dishes

    Healthy Kale and Sausage Soup`

  1. Hodgson Mill Cornmeal - The Duo Dishes

    Going Whole Wheat With Hodgson Mill

  1. New England Souffle 1 - The Duo Dishes

    New England Soufflé`

  1. Pierogi Ruskie and Cheddar Pierogi - The Duo Dishes

    Pierogi Ruskie (Cheese Curd and Potato Pierogi), Cheddar and Paprika Pierogi`

  1. Gabe and Chris' Test Kitchen

    Zero Carb Chicken Burger with Portobello Buns`

  1. The Duo's Ethnic Exploration:  Korean

    Mandu (Korean Dumplings)`

  1. White and Spinach Pizza 2 - The Duo Dishes

    Ultimate Tender Neopolitan Pizza Crust, White Pizza with Spinach, Salami and Goat Cheese Pizza`

  1. New Year, New Joys

    Black-Eyed Peas with Stewed Tomatoes`

  1. Crimped Edge Tourtiere - The Duo Dishes

    Tourtière (French-Canadian Meat Pie) and Tomato and Red Pepper Jam`

  1. Lemon Parmesan Chicken and Penne 1 - The Duo Dishes

    Lemon Parmesan Chicken and Penne`

  1. The Duo's Ethnic Exploration: Cuban

    Potaje de Garbanzos y Chorizo (Chickpea and Chorizo Stew)`

  1. Chicken Chili Ingredients - The Duo Dishes

    Crock Pot Chicken Chili `

  1. Chris' Test Kitchen

    Braised Chicken in Salsa Verde`

  1. Sadza ne Nyama ye Huku - The Duo Dishes

    Sadza ne Nyama ye Huku (Zimbabwean Porridge with Chicken Stew)`

  1. Pork Medallions Green Peppercorn Sauce - The Duo Dishes

    Pork Medallions in Mustard-Green Peppercorn Cream Sauce `

  1. Coconut Chicken Recipe Page Duo Dishes

    Guatemalan Chicken in Coconut Milk, Guatemalan Rice and Beans with Coconut Milk`

  1. Jerk Chicken & Peas and Rice - The Duo Dishes

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Peas and Rice, Boiled Cabbage`

  1. Marukai Forum - The Duo Dishes

    Maori Boil-Up with Doughboys (Maori Meat and Vegetable Stew), Paua Fritters (Abalone Fritters)`

  1. Sweet Potato & Sausage Pizza 2 - The Duo Dishes

    Sweet Potato, Sausage and Caramelized Onion Pizza`

  1. Lentil, Sausage and Kale Stew - The Duo Dishes

    Lentil, Sausage and Kale Stew`

  1. Kelewele - The Duo Dishes

    Peanut and Chicken Stew, Fufu, Kelewele `

  1. It's An Italian Feast

    Mussels with Fennel Garlic Wine, Tomato Pasta Sauce with Star Anise and Vanilla, Chicken Cacciatore with Creamy Polenta, Tiramisu Cake`

  1. Chicken-Penne-with-Carrot-Dill-Sauce

    Chicken and Penne with Carrot Dill Sauce`

  1. The Most Wonderful Time

    Pear Jalapeno 'Honey', Spiced Coleslaw Wonton Cups, Pear Orange Butter, Blue Cheese Caramelized Onion Dip, Cranberry Cherry Sauce, Brown Sugar Rubbed Pork with Dried Fruit Sauce, Brown Sugar Ice Cream`

  1. Orange Teriyaki Chicken

    Orange Teriyaki Chicken`

  1. Ming Lee Trading-The Duo Dishes

    Pork and Red Bean Bao`

  1. Cornish Hens-The Duo Dishes

    Crab Stuffed Cornish Hens`

  1. A Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

    Spiced Apple Cider Turkey Brine and Sweet Potato Casserole`

  1. Roast Chicken with Cherry Compote

    Roast Chicken with Balsamic Cherry Compote`

  1. Woori Market

    Okonomiyaki (Japanese 'Pizza')`

  1. Not For the Faint of Heart

    Chicharrones (Fried Pork Rinds)`

  1. We're on a Roll

    Lumpia (Filipino Spring Rolls)`

  1. Vallarta North Hollywood Duo Dishes

    Pupusas Revueltas, Curtido, Platanos Fritos`

  1. Pull Out the Good Stuff

    Khoresht Fesenjaan (Chicken with Walnuts and Pomegranate Sauce) `

  1. Island Pork Salad Duo Dishes

    Island Pork Tenderloin Salad`

  1. Caramelized Peach and Bacon Pasta-Duo Dishes

    Caramelized Peach and Bacon Pasta`

  1. A Trip to the Tropics

    Spiced Chicken with Black Bean and Mango Salsa`

  1. Merkato Duo Dishes

    Dora Wat (Red Pepper Chicken), Iab, Injera`

  1. Finally Giving It a Try

    Ga Kho (Vietnamese Caramelized Chicken) `

  1. The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Thai

    Pork Laab, Coconut Thai Tea, Khanom Bueng (Sweet Thai 'Tacos')`

  1. Tracy's Test Kitchen

    Blackened Jerk Halibut with Coconut Lime Beurre Blanc`

  1. Patience is Indeed a Virtue

    Chicken and Spinach Crepes`

  1. Bigger's Not Always Better

    Moroccan Chicken Pot Pie`

  1. With A Gourmet Twist

    Macaroni and Cheese with Pancetta and Portobello Mushrooms `

  1. Let Us Count the Ways

    Sweet Chili Chicken Wings `

  1. The Duo's Ethnic Exploration: Indian

    Cashew Chicken`

  1. Dinner At Your Door

    Chicken Penne with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes, Mini Chocolate Cakes`

  1. Split The Pea

    Split Pea and Ham Soup`

  1. The Swag's Paying Off

    Honey Mustard Chicken`

  1. Waste Not, Want Not

    Turkey Noodle Soup `

  1. Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Collective Consumption

    Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Collective Consumption`

  1. Two Meals in One

    Butternut Squash, Proscuitto and Sage Risotto, Butternut Squash, Pancetta and Sage Arancini`

  1. There's No Fear Here

    Poulet Yassa, Raisin and Almond Couscous and Parsley Flatbread`

  1. Happiest Thanksgiving to All

    Cranberry Goat Cheese Spread, Marinated Olives, Cranberry Sauce, Honey Balsamic Roasted Chicken with Carrots, Turnips and Brussels Sprouts, Corn Pudding, Mini Cheesecakes, Sweet Potato Pecan Pie `

  1. One Last Round

    Pumpkin and Sausage Lasagna `

  1. Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Pumpkin Extravaganza

    Pumpkin Mascarpone Spread on Crostini with Caramelized Onions, Persimmon and Stilton Cheese, Pumpkin Seed Hummus, Pumpkin Seed Hummus, Arugula with Roasted Beets and Butternut Squash, Bacon, Candied Pepitas and Pumpkin Seed Oil Vinaigrette, Tangerine Roasted Pumpkin Fries with Spiced Tomato Cream Sauce, Duck and Pumpkin a l'Orange en Croute, Corn Pumpkin Purée, Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Brown Sugar Maple Icing, Apricot Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pepita Brittle, Mini Popcorn Balls, Pumpkin-Infused Vodka Orange Shots, Pumpkin Chai Iced Tea`

  1. We're Gunning For It

    Pancetta, Arugula, Sun-Dried Tomato and Asiago Cheese Pizza`

  1. Back with a Vengeance

    Chicken Pasta with Anchovy Rosemary Sauce `

  1. Last of the Bounty

    Last of the Bounty

  1. All The Rage

    Beer Can Chicken`

  1. Extreme Bird Makeover

    Citrus and Herb Roasted Chicken`

  1. A Tasty Deed

    Kroppkakor (Swedish Potato Dumplings) `

  1. Sergio's Test Kitchen

    Sergio's Summer Salad with Grilled Chicken`

  1. A Little Sweet and Savory

    Maple Cardamom Pork Chops and Orange Pepper and Porcini Mushroom Pilaf `

  1. Trimming the Fat

    Buttermilk Baked Chicken, Honey Dijon Spiced Pecan Coleslaw`

  1. The Challenge of Working with Yeast

    Salami and Feta Pizza`

  1. We Like It Hot…Kinda

    Chicken and Cotija Fajitas with Creamy Cilantro Refried Beans`

  1. Eating Up This Acronym

    Cinnamon Cranberry BLTOA`

  1. Breaking the Tradition

    Chicken Adobo with Coconut Ginger Rice`

  1. No Need to Boil

    Turkey Caprese Lasagna`

  1. Please Pass Those Mints

    Chicken and Penne Pasta in Garlic Rosemary Sauce`

  1. First In Its Class

    Chicken and Cheddar Stuffed Potatoes`

  1. Daytime Street Food

    Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burritos and Pan Fried Potatoes`

  1. Going Nuts in the Kitchen

    Herby Pine Nut Chicken with Vegetable Pearl Barley`

  1. Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing Baby

    Herbed Fried Chicken`

  1. A Taste of Home

    Southern Sage Biscuits and Sausage Gravy`

  1. This Is When You Know It's Worth It

    Cheddar Chicken Pot Pie, Garlic Honey Mustard Vinaigrette`

  1. Una Noche en Espana

    Chicken Paella, Bizcocho de Límon `

  1. Rather Chili Weather We're Having

    Citrus Turkey Chili`

  1. Obamanos Bar Treats!

    Sesame Hoisin Chicken`

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