Must Try Seafood Recipes for the Summer

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Are there any seafood lovers out there? Fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, octopus, squid…it’s all good stuff around here. There are so many ways to highlight the natural flavor and texture of each one, while also giving you the chance to play with new ingredients. Foodie asked for a new collection of blog recipes for the month of August, so this month kicks off with a batch of seafood recipes from this site. Take a look at the slideshow for all thirteen dishes, then introduce a few of these to your under-the-sea-loving friends and family. With summer in full swing, many of these would be nice for a quick, light midweek meal or scaled up for a weekend party.

Must Try Seafood Recipes Foodie Collage - The Duo Dishes

Here are a few of the recipes in the collection, which is quite varied. Crunchy, baked shrimp tacos, grilled shrimp burgers, crab cake tacos, pan fried fish, spicy Asian noodles, flakey filled pastries–all of these dishes show the versatility of seafood. There’s nothing better than stepping away from heavier proteins during the summer and gravitating towards something a little lighter. After a visit to Westwood’s new restaurant Tanzy,
an idea for grilled tuna panzanella is brewing. There’s something about the combination of tender tuna with crunchy chunks of bread that seem like a delicious pair. There may even be a summery shellfish soup in the works as well.

What’s your favorite seafood dish?

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  1. Baked shrimp tacos really caught my eye. Great collection.


  2. mmm..that bowl of shrimp noodles looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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