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Pineapple Haupia Pie

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We’re happy to announce that today’s post is part of KCRW Good Food and Evan Kleiman’s Pie-a-Day feature. The summer season of pies will end with Good Food’s 2nd Annual Pie Contest. We attended last year, and the inaugural event was a blast. If you’re a loyal reader, then you may know that we love trying different recipes, especially those with strong cultural affiliation. We’re sharing our take on the Hawaiian favorite–haupia. This time, it’s in pie formation and topped with sweet pineapples. Read all about it HERE, and check the Good Food website daily for more!

Click HERE for the printable recipe.


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  1. Very fun. Is that what you made your pot pie for last year or am I mistaken?


    • Last year, we made a tarragon chicken and grape pot pie. That was the winner for the savory category. 🙂


  2. Mmmm, I like the addition of the mixed nuts with the pineapple. Like the new pdf recipe print out.


  3. I’ve heard of this haupia business and I’m enamored by it. I think I would like it best in pie form. Actually I’m pretty sure I like everything best in pie form!


  4. Wow! I’d give an arm for a slice of that pie right now…


  5. That is one mighty fine lookin piece of pie!


  6. Wow…that looks amazing.This summer the web will definitely make my behind look bigger.LOL


  7. That pie looks absolutely wonderful. 🙂



  8. Splendid slice of pie!

    Oh man, reading the ingredients for this pie brings me back to carefree times as a kid in Hawaii. Love the pineapple and coconut –so dreamy. Great job you two!


  9. I like pie, but a pie a day might get a little overboard, lol.

    Nice looking pie. I like that you toasted the macadamias, good touch.


  10. This looks so wonderful. Can’t wait for the next pie judging contest – if I don’t submit an entry I hope to see you guys win again just like last year. If I DO submit well then may the best man win, as they say!


  11. That post about your winning pie,..I read that!!

    This summers tarte looks excellent & ooh so magnificent too!

    MMMMMMMMMM,…What more can I say??? Heavenly food!


  12. Wow, I only wish I could get my hands on a slice right now!


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