Calling All Anchovy Haters

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Scallops and Roasted Fennel Rice with Rosemary Anchovy Sauce

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Scallops with Roasted Fennel Lemon RiceHear ye, hear ye!  If you’ve always thought those slimy, salty, fishies in a can were up to no good (like we did), think again.  This gem of a meal came from one of the classes at Hipcooks. Hipcooks is a cooking school here in LA, with a location near Downtown and one on the Westside. This dish combines scallops, fennel and basmati rice with this crazy sauce that will turn an anchovy hater into a lover of those mini shoaling bait bits. You can doubt all you want. In fact, you’re probably still doubtful. Take one bite. We’ll refrain from saying ‘Told ya so’!

You don’t have to go with scallops if you’re not a fan. The rice goes well with shrimp too, but the anchovy sauce is already jam packed with its own flavor, so it’s best to choose a mild mannered seafood. We can’t share the specific recipe, but we invite you to try a blend of seared scallops over fluffy basmati rice with slivers of roasted fennel and dots of red and yellow bell peppers and onions. Our sauce was a mix of blended rosemary, olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon juice, lemon zest, parsley and anchovies. Try to grab a forkful of everything for a major bite of flavor.


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  1. Looks great, and I like anchovies! The fennel, lemon rice looks light and delicious.


  2. I’m no anchovy hater. But sometimes they can be too fishy or salty. Just add less. Then there will be a mysterious, wonderful essence of anchovy that will make people sit up and go, “what is that I’m eating?”

    Thanks for adding us as a friend on Foodbuzz. We welcome you to come visit our site!


  3. Anchovies are misunderstood… recipes like this bring them to better light.. well done


  4. I love anchovies. Especially in anchioade. Good stuff!


  5. I like anchovies too!! I also love sardines. Those I will eat plain, straight outta the can. Which is a little gross, but whatever.

    I’m glad you like Hipcooks– Joe and I went to an Indian food class at the Downtown location a few months ago, and it was so much fun.


  6. Is it okay to still hate anchovies if you also don’t like scallops? I like fennel and basmati rice though! I like to think it’s not so much about anchovies for me. It’s just abotu fish in general.


  7. Your presentation is great! Looks yummy! I don’t like anchovies, or scallops, however, I would always give food a try, and who knows…might just like it!


  8. Sounds delicious. It took me a while to get used to western anchovies (they’re very different in japanese food), but I love them now:-)


  9. fabulous! you know, i was an anchovy “Hater” only a mere 4 years ago. they were an acquired taste to me, but now i’m obsessed. the way to ease beginners into them is to first use them as a flavor element to a sauce. people will never be able to tell that you added (melted) an anchovy in, but they’ll notice an awesome taste and not be able to put their finger on it. the other great way is by eating whole anchovies that aren’t salted/cured. in spain, italy, etc. you can easily find these grilled or fried and they are delicious. you’ll never turn your nose up again!!

    excellent blog, guys. i’ll be back.
    amy and jonny @


  10. My son said to me today, “Mom, I went in the fridge to grab a slice of pizza and when I took the wrapping off I could totally smell the anchovies.. you never should have told me!”

    When he first ate it he didn’t complain one bit and ate a very healthy portion of pizza.. but after I told him it had anchovies he said he could smell it! I guess it’s true what they say, some things are better left unsaid! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. you two are adorable!


  11. Count me in as an anchovy lover! They add just a little more complexity to most any savory dish. And I bet they are indeed the crowning touch in this scallop dish.


  12. this looks awesome – i love anchovies and i can’t wait to try the sauce! thanks for the recipe!


  13. […] The first time we made a dish with anchovies was last December.  It was a surprisingly delicious anchovy rosemary sauce over scallops.  Who knows why cravings hit sometimes, but anchovies were calling, so we wanted to […]


  14. Never met an anchovy I didn’t like, and this recipe looks like a winner! Love everything in it and hoping to try it soon 🙂


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